The Ozone Layer Conspiracy


According to widespread published reports, "thanks to successful co-operation between large corporations and government", the Earth's vital ozone layer is well on its way to recovery. Hurray! Sounds great. But there is one problem with that representation though. That representation is propaganda, spread by the well-financed operatives of Big Business enterprises. The owners of these Big Business enterprises in countries like Canada, have made "cosmetic" adjustments, in response to mounting pressures into the 1990's to abandon the distribution of ozone depleting products. However, these same owners of Big Business enterprises have simply shifted the sale of their environmentally destructive products into "new expanding markets", as well as into diverse "Third World" countries. Communist China has been the prime outlet for greed driven owners of capital in the industrialized West. In the apparent view of these capitalistocratic "entrepreneurs", the survival of billions of people on the planet, and the hospitability of the Earth in general as a source of protection from lethal solar radiation, ought not to stand in the way of their pursuit of their private commercial "profit-making" activities.